Product code: MFPC3030300
Availability: Available
Composition: 80% polyester 20% polyamide
Material: Microfiber 100%
Color: Pink Yellow Green Blue
Density: 300g/m2
Size: 30x30 cm
More than 240 pcs. €0,43


Professional microfiber cloth 30x30cm 300 GSM

Features: 80% polyester 20% polyamide.
Care Instructions:

 Caring for your microfiber cloths is very easy. Just keep a few simple things in mind and you can keep your microfiber mops as if they were new.

It can be washed by hand or machine with hot water between 60 ° and 90 ° C.
The chemicals can damage the microstructure and life.
It is preferable to liquid detergent powder detergent.
Do not use bleach or neutral soaps. It is not recommended to wash with softener.
The chemical components in the fabric softener clog the microfibers and make them less effective. Do not dry with high temperature.
Do not wash them with cotton or plush towels.
They can be washed with other tissues, but it is better to wash with other microfibers to preserve the positive electric charge (static electricity) for   longer.

 This fabric is defined as professional grade quality.

These cloths are sold in packs of 24 units.

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