Product code: MF4040300
Availability: Available
Composition: 80% polyester 20% polyamide
Material: Microfiber 100%
Density: 300g/m2
Size: 40x40 cm
More than 240 pcs. €0,80


Microfibers cloth Professional 40x40 cm 300 GSM

This cloth is defined as the model of "standard microfiber". All microfibers are scored with a GSM (grams per square meter). The common and cheaper grade of the cloth has a rating of 200-250 GSM and professional grade quality is GSM 300 and above.

  • Care Instructions.
  • Do Not use Bleach.
  • Do Not use Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets.
  • Do Not wash with other cotton items, separate colors, do not wash dark and light color together.
  • Do Not Dry with high heat.

These cloths are sold in packs of 24 units, a box containing 10 packs. All boxes contain one size and it is possible to choose a color scheme.

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  • Raquel

    Hace un tiempo había oído hablar de la microfibra, pero nunca la había probado hasta hora. Me he quedado realmente sorprendida con la calidad de este producto. Un saludo